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FPGA vs DSP-Based Design

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Design Considerations: FPGA vs. DSP

FPGA-designed products result in a high-performance, deterministic system with unlimited potential for growth and flexibility.  Ideal for real time control, FPGA uses parallel processing to realize functions in an unlimited fashion – only limited by resources.

Single Motor Drives.  FPGA is capable of single system motor drive control, as is DSP, but FPGA outperforms DSP even in the single motor drive case.  The differences become more significant when multiple systems are implemented on one chip.

Multi-System Motor Drives on One Chip.  This is where FPGA really excels.  Multi-system motor drives can talk to each other more easily within the same chip using FPGA technology.  Multiple systems use more resources in the FPGA yet remain completely deterministic.  This is not possible with DSP.

Deterministic Design.  FPGA is very deterministic.  It won’t impact the part of the design already in place.  With DSP, anything you do affects the overall design.

DSP technology has unlimited programmability but you have to compromise on the control algorithms to get everything to fit into the time slice.


Product Requirements FPGA DSP

Scalability / Expandability

Yes – deterministic; changes do not affect design already in place; unlimited potential for growth and flexibility

No – Any changes affect overall design

Parallel Processing

Yes – Single or Multi- systems on one chip



Limitless –
Outperforms DSP even in single system motor drive, but benefits greatly increased with multi-system on one chip

Has limitations

Practical Considerations: FPGA vs. DSP

FPGA technology is still relatively new in the industry.  There are not as many engineers skilled in the unique design aspects as there are with more traditional DSP technology.




Yes, is production-ready


Engineers with Skill set





Unlimited programmability but you have to compromise on the control algorithms to get everything to fit into the time slice.

FPGA / DSP Hybrids: When They Make Sense

Hybrid use of both FPGA and DSP technology is a viable alternative and may make sense in certain cases.  

Atlantix Engineering consulting uses proprietary hardware design software that is capable of simulating the various configurations and demonstrating the trade-offs so an intelligent decision can be made based on information – not gut instinct.

Engineering companies should consider the level of in-house expertise in the technology and whether future design changes are planned.  This may influence which functions are designed in DSP vs. FPGA.

Ideal Applications for FPGA

Automotive Aerospace Manufacturing & Automation
  • Motor drive trains & controls for electric & hybrid electric vehicles
  • Power mirrors & windows & seats
  • Battery charging systems (alternators)
  • Fans
  • Electro mechanical actuators
  • Control surfaces (wings, ailerons)
  • Electro mechanical hydraulic fuel pumps
  • Joy sticks creating force feedback
  • Power generation
  • Robotics
  • Machine tools
  • Fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors 

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