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FPGA Product Design Software - HyperKinetix™

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Transform Your Company into an FPGA Powerhouse

Design FPGA In-House Just Like the Experts

HyperKinetix is a new EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool designed to give engineers and managers instant access and expertise in FPGA based control technology.

Expert Knowledge Implemented Via State-of-the Art Methodologies

This evolutionary software tool captures years of expert knowledge into FPGA based control design.  Soft computing methods intelligently optimize the design:

  • Fuzzy logic maps user requirements to a target digital architecture
  • Genetic Algorithms “evolve” candidate architecture into a “most fit” design. 
  • Neural Nets enable the tool to learn incrementally


HyperKinetix is a Powerful Tool for Both Novice and Expert

Engineers see HyperKinetix as a solution to:

  • Quickly learn FPGA control design
  • Stay within their area of expertise yet take advantage of this technology
  • Produce reliable products using well-tested core library modules

Engineering managers see HyperKinetix as a solution to:

  • Reduce time-to-market knowing that the core module has already been tested in hardware
  • Cost-effectively train existing staff in a new technology
  • Overcome the shortage of engineers with FPGA engineering design expertise 


The powerful tool comes with a number of libraries that are basis points for real-world designs.  Within minutes, run real-world system/FPGA simulations without having to go through the learning curve of what parameters to change. 

With HyperKinetix, you can:

  • Adjust your design based on product cost & chip size
  • Analyze trade-offs -- area vs. speed
  • Verify your design through co-simulation at the system level and the FPGA level simultaneously, using Simulink, eliminating what is normally a 3-4 step process.

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